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IoT Solutions

Your wireless application specialist capable of designing and deploying your complete IoT network

BGM has pre-defined building blocks for rapid deployment of your network. We are technology agnostic allowing us to design a future proof solution with the wireless technology best suited for your application. We can develop a complete network or develop sensor and gateway solutions for your network. Our engineering staff can develop custom packaging for your specific environment and give you FCC approved wireless solutions. We continue to make corporate investments to bring our customers the latest in IoT software and hardware solutions.


Asset Tracking Use Case Example

Wireless Technology Solutions from our World Class Ecosystem Partners

  • Cellular – Low and High Data Rates, North American or Global. FCC certified solutions

  • Private Cellular for Security and Reliability

  • BLE Standard or with Wirepas Mesh Network stack

  • LoRA

  • “Smart Kit” Sensor Packages for multiple applications

  • Digital Twin Development – 3D Laser Scanning Available

Just a few of our application solutions available

  • Asset Tracking

  • Smart Pallet

  • RTLS “Real Time Location Service”

  • Environment Health

  • Warehouse Management

  • Contact Tracing

  • Cold Chain Supply Chain Solutions

Let a BGM Project Manager work with you and your team to develop a solution for you! We can provide rapid Proof of Concepts and move to volume production quickly to keep your project on-time and within budget!
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