Inspection Services

Warranty Inspection / Failure Analysis

Your Virtual Quality Team

Let BGM-ES be your virtual Warranty/Inspection center. Customers count on us to perform this vital function.
We can operate within your system; provide complete documentation that gives your customers the confidence that this vital function is done right,on time.
Let BGM-ES perform inspection services on field, or factory, failed assemblies. It's skilled technicians can handle infotainment components to lighting assemblies and technicians have the most up to date equipment to handle today’s high-tech assemblies. We can perform this function, transparent to your customer, functioning as an extension of your company within your system.

If the field failure symptoms can not be duplicated can be performed vibration and temperature and/or humidity testing can be performed to try to induce the documented failure finding troublesome intermittent issues. BGM-ES has also made the investment into Failure Analysis equipment to help you get to the root cause of the failed component or assembly.
BGM-ES can perform production containment and repair functions.Working hand in hand with your team to perform this critical function and keep production flowing. We can perform PCB rework or full PCBA replacement in-house and have experience in harness and connector re-work.

The company's engineering staff can assist in the design and building of test fixtures in an expedited environment. The electronic hardware, software and mechanical engineering team can handle the most complex and demanding issues in the industry.

Cost Savings through Inspection

With the cost of today's complex automotive electronic assemblies simply replacing and throwing them away is not an option. Let BGM-ES put together an Inspection Process that will provide documentation for repair /or re-build for warranty and out of warranty parts replacement. BGM-ES engineers have experience in reverse engineering production documents to provide fast and cost efficient technician trouble shooting. Partnering with our team can lower costs and improve relationships with your OEM customers.

BGM-ES has the advanced and flexible equipment to handle the requirements. Whether it’s 1000X microscopes, 3D X-Ray or advance circuit analysis equipment our technicians have the tools to perform the task. The program management staff will design a work cell to meet unique requirements and the team will also work hand in hand with you to make sure we have the proper IT environment to operate seamlessly within your system. The goal is to be a transparent extension of your team giving your customer confidence that this vital function is being performed right, on time.
Whether it’s re-work or re-manufacturing we have the equipment in-house to handle the most demanding requirements. BGM-ES has automated component placement equipment and skilled technicians to perform this important task to your quality standards. Our test engineers can develop custom functional testers to perform end of line testing as required. We can put together a certified process to meet your, or your customers, requirements.