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Industrial / Consumer


From tough environmental Industrial products to low-cost rapid deployment consumer products our engineering team has the experience and the passion to make your idea reality.

Let BGM bring your product to life. Our team of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, in harmony with our software team, work with our customers to bring your product to market. We can meet your highest expectation and assure your product enters the market to meet the maximum profitability timing window.

Our robust design process combined with many pre-defined application specific building blocks allow you to hit your markets peak profitability timing. Our Program Management team will develop and manage to a mutually agreeable timeline and communicate progress timely though our PDT communication.  


Here is a sampling of products brought from Idea to the Market Place

  • HMI LCD controller products with optically bonded protective glass

  • EV Charging Stations – AC & DC Fast Charge

  • Next Gen battery powered scooters

  • Autonomous Lawn Care equipment

  • Factory floor sensor assemblies for IIOT applications utilizing Cellular, Ethernet, LoRa, Wi-Fi, Wirepas

  • Cloud connected appliance products

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